We can perform your wedding ceremony with or without a hot air balloon. But first, you'll need a marriage license. Here's what you need to know:

Where to apply:
You may obtain your marriage license at any County Clerks office anywhere in the State of Texas. You do NOT have to obtain your license for the county in which you live or in the county were the marriage will be conducted. If your county is not listed below - call Directory Assistance (1411) and ask for the number for the "County Clerks Office" where you wish to obtain your license.

When to Apply:
The hours for most County Clerks Offices for issuing a marriage license is Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.. to 4:00 p.m. We do not know of any county clerks office open after-hours.

There is a 72 hour waiting period from when you get a marriage license to when you can use it - unless you get a waiver of the waiting period. See below for a waiver.

The ceremony must be within 30 days from the date the license is issued or you will have to obtain another marriage license.

Waiver of the Waiting Period
It requires a District Judge to obtain a waiver of the waiting period. However, this is not difficult to obtain and no fee is involved - IF you go to the right offices. For waivers of the waiting period in the DFW area, we HIGHLY recommend that you use the downtown Dallas or downtown Fort Worth County clerks office if you are seeking a waiver.

Simply tell the clerk you need a waiver of the waiting period and he/she will tell you want to do.

A marriage license costs $36 in Dallas and Collin Counties, $41 in Denton and Tarrant Counties. Bring cash, ideally the exact amount.

What do you need to bring?
For Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Denton Counties:
  • Denton or Tarrant County: $41 Cash
  • Dallas or Collin County: $36 Cash
    and one of the following:
  • State photo ID or driver's license - any state
  • An original or certified copy of your birth certificate
    (a non-certified photocopy will NOT be accepted)*
  • A passport (you do not have to be a US citizen or prove legal residency)
*if you were born in Texas, the County Clerks office can immediately issue you a new birth certificate.

NOTE: Collin County also require your Social Security Card plus one other form of acceptable identification.

What is the age limit?
18 years. If under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign permission. The parent or guardian must bring your birth certificate 18 years. If under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign permission. The parent or guardian must bring your birth certificate to prove parentage and ID to prove he/she is your parent. A legal guardian must provide proof of guardianship.

If no parent or guardian will sign, you can ask a District Court for permission to marry anyway. This probably will be costly and require an attorney.

Do both have to go for the license?
Yes, unless you obtain an absentee affidavit. Go to the County Clerk's office and tell them you need an "Absentee affidavit" for a marriage license. There is no fee. Anyone can pick it up. Your fiancee then has his/her signature notarized on the form. With that, the other can go in alone for the license. If you are having a hard time with the County Clerk, go to a different county clerk's office (Downtown Dallas or Downtown Ft. Worth are best.)

Is there a Blood Test or Physical?
No, Texas does not require a blood test or a physical. All you need is the fee in cash, and one form of identification as shown above.

What if we lose or forget to bring the license to the ceremony?
This does happen. Most Justices of the Peace will simply leave no matter how big your wedding. Some ministers will. We will still conduct the wedding ceremony - but you will have to obtain or provide a marriage license later if you want to insure it is a marriage recognized by the State of Texas. Try to remember the license!

DFW area County Clerk's Office listings:

You may obtain your license at any County Clerks office anywhere it Texas. It does not matter where you live or where the marriage will be (as long as it is in Texas).
Hint: Check the county websites for additional locations where marriage licenses can be obtained.

Dallas County:
The Records Building (the building next to the Old Red Courthouse)
509 Main St.
Dallas, Texas 75202

Tarrant County:
The Old County Courthouse
100 W. Weatherford
(817) 884-1195

Denton County:
Denton Co. Courthouse
1450 E. McKinney
() 349-2012

Collin County:
Annex "A", First Floor
200 S. McDonald, Suite 120
McKinney, Texas 75069
(972) 548-4134


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